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24 April 2018

Buying a residence in the Principality of Monaco is like finding hidden treasure. From a chic little pied-à-terre to a luxury apartment with a large terrace to a prestigious penthouse overlooking the sea, each property shines on the heights of this Monégasque country.

You won’t have to climb to the top of The Rock to find your dream property. You’ll just have to team up with the area’s best luxury real estate experts. DOTTA consultants are perfectly equipped to find your ideal and set all the paperwork in order. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the interior design of your new real estate acquisition in Monaco.

Real estate in Monaco

The real estate market in Monaco is - has always been, and will remain - very attractive, and for good reasons. First of all, although small, real estate in the Principality is set up to meet all the demand of potential buyers: space by way of multiple floors and properties built on the waterfront thanks to architects’ strategic engineering.

Monaco is inherently associated with wealth. Its residents’ tax bracket alone is a hint, but hush! There is richness in its panoramas of the Riviera, as well as the richness of its residents with high purchasing power. Many of them are a member of an exclusive club of UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals), but that’s all the info we’re prepared to spill about these businessmen (and women), athletes, and significant figures in the art world.

Life in the Principality benefits from a special savoir-faire, elegance, and exemplary security. It’s a delight to live in a remarkably refined setting, without fear of showing and enjoying your prosperity.

Historical or modern?

Apartments are extremely luxurious and geared towards a demanding clientele. Terraces and large balconies are highly requested. Large windows or beautiful French windows boasting sea views - from which you can spot boats returning to the port - make frequent appearances.

Buildings are very high-end with all the modern updates. Streets are lined with magnificent buildings dating back to the 19th century and the Belle-Epoque. They have been renovated to a very high standard of luxury to match the magnitude and generous services and amenities offered by the new modern buildings: swimming pools, gardens, gyms, spas. You’ll find that many residences provide concierge services and babysitting service 24 hours a day.

Choosing your neighborhood

The small city-state of Monaco - 2.02 km2 in size - offers a collection of exceptional neighborhoods. Real estate buyers in Monaco are especially fond of luxury apartments near the casino and palaces in the capital of Monte Carlo and the Carré d'Or.

The Principality, dubbed "The Rock," has 3 other districts that are also very popular. La Condamine, the Port district, is famous for its shopping as well as its position as the starting line of the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix. Lively with pedestrians, the Moneghetti sub-district holds beautiful apartments with terraces and balconies near exotic gardens. The Fontvieille district was built on the edge of the sea. Its new marina offers stunning sea views (yachts are included in this pretty picture). Then there’s the Old Town, of course, with its pretty alleyways and historic charm.

Monaco consists of a very international population. Around 120 nationalities have made a home on The Rock; it's evident in the multitude of languages you can hear on the street. However, French and Monegù are the official languages.

The quality of life in Monaco is high, and not only because of its sunny climate. The Monegasques people are extremely hospitable, just like the prince himself. Prince Albert travels around the world to promote his beautiful country, perched at the edge of the Mediterranean. When he’s at home in the Principality, he is known to mingle with citizens. So go ahead, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.

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