Property Management In Monaco: The International Buyer’s Guide

June 15, 2021

Property Management In Monaco: The International Buyer’s Guide

If you are an international buyer looking to purchase property to lease on the Principality’s rental market, it is wise to engage the services of a real estate team who are experienced in all aspects of property management in Monaco.


What does property management in Monaco involve?

From the marketing of your property – or portfolio of Monaco properties – to handling any required upkeep and restoration, a property management team will ensure every aspect of your property runs smoothly, so that you can relax wherever you are in the world, knowing that your investment is in safe hands. Typically, property management services can include real estate market insights, property marketing, upkeep and restoration, arrangement of viewings and managing negotiations, payment of invoices, and support on all legal and technical formalities.


Why choose Dotta?

With decades of real estate experience aimed at international buyers, Dotta is the expert in long-term rentals and property management in Monaco. Dotta currently manages over 700

Monaco properties: our team consists of eight agents with property management expertise, and two technical agents, whose duties include property upkeep, the realisation and monitoring of work, and overseeing the restoration of premises. Dotta believes that property management in Monaco is unique to every individual. That’s why we take care to offer every client a tailor-made management contract to perfectly suit their needs.


First-class service

We understand how busy our international clients are, so Dotta’s first-class property management in Monaco has been designed to ensure complete peace of mind. We start by offering an expert estimate of the rental income our clients can earn on their Monaco properties, based on our in-depth knowledge of Monaco’s fast-moving rental market, and all its latest trends. Your property is important to you, so finding a reliable, trustworthy and respectful tenant is of paramount importance. Our team of experts will take great care to screen all potential tenants and conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that they are the best fit for your property.


All aspects of property management

Should any improvements be needed on your Monaco properties, we have a wide network of trade professionals and can secure the most advantageous rates for works. Dotta will supervise and implement any necessary work – from an emergency fix to redecoration or renovation - and ensure it is completed to the highest standard. We also offer support for all legal and technical formalities, as well as the payment of all invoices. Should you decide to invest in Monaco real estate, why not let our multilingual Monaco property management team take care of everything on your behalf? Rest assured that not only will your investment be in excellent hands, but it will also be working hard to give you maximum returns.