Buy a beautiful villa in Beausoleil

May 02, 2019

Buy a beautiful villa in Beausoleil

All who visit this mythical place witness a miracle. As if by magic, the sun sets and rises in the shadow of Monaco, on the beautiful coastal town of Beausoleil, shining even brighter on its dazzling villas.

A Star is Born

Buying a summery villa in Beausoleil is to give yourself, and your family, a legacy gift in one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean coast. Geographically speaking, the commune of Beausoleil is located in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France, set in a magnificent hilly landscape hovering over the border of Monaco. In some cases, it’s just a 5-10 minutes descent to the Rock on foot, even shorter via escalator (yes, you read correctly). By virtue of its proximity and privileged locale, it was first called Monte-Carlo-Supérieur or Upper Monte Carlo.


But in fact, the origin story of Beausoleil is a bit more complicated: As a part of a late 19th-century movement to break away from the commune of La Turbie and develop real estate - such as the legendary Monte-Carlo Casino and famous Hotel de Paris - to attract wealthy tourists, the line between France and Monaco was drawn and redrawn. Finally, the council settled, giving the new city a name more illuminating than most. In 1904, Beausoleil was officially born, literally meaning “beautiful sun.”

Between the Rock and the Sun

Destined for greatness from the beginning, this exquisite extension of both the Principality and French Riviera, and its brilliant real estate market, attracts lovers of the sun, peace and quiet, the French art-de-vivre, those still enamored by the glamour of Monte-Carlo, as well as those who work in Monaco but prefer to live on the border.


Fortunately, the Dotta Immobilier real estate agency offers a selection of large luxury villas overlooking the sea, with swimming pools, gardens, and easy access to Monaco. As the leading agency in the region, our expert professionals are well-equipped to assist clients’ throughout the process of buying a second home under the most beautiful sun, ideal for family vacations, as well as advising real estate investments, buy-to-rent, with great potential for profit, especially considering the high amount of commuters in search of accommodations.


These buyers are drawn to the attractive property prices in Beausoleil, which are more reasonable than its extravagant neighbor, its reliable infrastructure, and its beautiful residences that boast the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding sceneries of the Tête de Chien and Agel mountains.


The city center of Beausoleil is embellished with ornate Belle Epoque architecture and traversed by major Monegasque roads, such as Boulevard de France, Boulevard du Maréchal Leclerc, and Avenue du Maréchal Foch.

What to do in Beausoleil?

The atmosphere in Beausoleil is sunny (of course), warm, and welcoming. Residents are proud of its beautiful monuments and feel very lucky to call it home. Visitors, too, enjoy strolling through its picturesque streets, squares, parks, and the Marché, built in 1902, alongside locals and the world’s top chefs, shopping for the freshest products.


Another notable place is the famous Riviera Palace, an architectural wonder known for boasting the most beautiful panorama in Monaco and the Cote d’Azur, in addition to its sublime winter garden topped by a steel and glass cupola designed by Gustav Eiffel. Unsurprisingly, the building sits comfortably on France’s prestigious list of historical heritage.


Simply put, contact the Dotta Immobilier real estate agency to buy a villa in Beausoleil for endless moments under the beautiful sun.