May 15, 2018


Whether pronounced Monte-Carl or Monte-Carlo, it's the most famous district in all of MonacoMonte-Carlo is not a country or the Principality's capital. It's a district just like the 6 others in Monaco, an internationally celebrated city-state, with limited surface area (2.02 km2).

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Chances are you don't know everything - except, of course, if you’re Monegasques.


Firstly, Monte-Carlo is the Carré d’Or of Monaco, the most sought-after and highly-rated area in the Principality. Built around the sublime Casino of Monte-Carlo by Charles Garnier, the architect who is also responsible for the eponymous opera house in Paris (Palais Garnier), and is surrounded by extraordinary gardens and terraces boasting views of Italy.

Not to make it complicated, but Monte-Carlo is the ward of 3 districts: Monte-CarloLa Rousse, and Le Larvotto. To put it simply: 1 district = 3 district. Got it?

Monte-Carlo and La Rousse are the most popular on the “Rock of Monaco” and are home to the largest residential areas of beautiful modern towers and a number of carrés or squares in full bloom, where you can indulge in luxury shopping. We must add that these districts are very in-demand, more than a quarter of real estate sales in Monaco take place in Monte-Carlo and La Rousse.

"Mont-Charles" was named in honor of Charles III, Prince of Monaco and is, therefore, one of the country’s richest neighborhoods in terms of property value. It's definitely the place to be. The average price per square meter is 41,335 euros, according to 2017 records. This is a big jump from 2010 when the price per square-meter was 28,173 euros. An admirable performance in last seven years, wouldn’t you say?

On a less serious but equally important note, don’t forget the hyphen between Monte and Carlo. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an apartment in Lucca, a province of our Italian neighbors, and not on the mountainous side of the French Riviera as intended.


Let’s talk about the basics. If you want to buy a residence in the Carré d’Or, it helps to know where. Here’s a quick outline of the polygon: To the east is the prestigious Hôtel de l’Hermitage, constructed in a magnificent Belle Epoque-style - Gustave Eiffel himself designed the dome in the winter garden. You'll find Résidence Park Palace to the north. On the west side is La Résidence Mirabeau. Finally, Résidence Monte-Carlo Star has made its mark in the south. The center is filled with prestigious and luxurious residences that are more than suitable for your potential real estate acquisition in Monaco. To live in this golden perimeter is to live a privileged life in a high-end building that offers 24-hours of customized services, the world’s most coveted security, and sumptuous luxury apartments with unique views of exquisite gardens, La Place du Casino, the port, and the Mediterranean Sea.

By buying property on the Rock of Monaco, you will have the privilege of coordinating your annual calendar according to many dazzling cultural, sporting and charity events. After all, it is the world capital of glamour. Take advantage of the services, the spas, the luxury shops, the reception lounges and the restaurants in major hotels and palaces like Le Métropole, Hôtel de Paris, and Hôtel de l’Hermitage. In this district of the Principality, nothing is left to chance, every detail has been fashioned in a way so that residents and administrators cohabit in luxurious harmony.

Monaco is a prestigious place, and Monte-Carlo its most exclusive address.