Buy a penthouse overlooking the Rock of Monaco

July 05, 2019

Buy a penthouse overlooking the Rock of Monaco

The only thing better than buying a luxury property in Monaco is buying the most luxurious property in Monaco. Without a doubt, one of the most desirable real estate goods on the market is the prestigious penthouse in the skies of the Principality.    

On top of the Rock ...

To be honest, buying a penthouse in Monaco is no easy task. Like a royal crown jewel, a penthouse in Monaco safe and secure in its natural environment, basking under a brilliant sun in a vibrant city with one of the highest qualities of life in Europe. A luxury penthouse in the Principality attracts buyers with high purchasing power, who are in no hurry to let a luxury penthouse atop a bourgeoise building out of their grips - and rightly so.


The Principality of Monaco is a prestige destination, and one with a little surface area. At 0.75 square miles, Monaco is roughly as big as Central Park in New York City, with intrigue and that’s just as high. In order for the supply to meet demand, the majority of which is from foreign luxury buyers, urban planners and architects look up to build more and more luxury real estate. Its peak, of course, is the penthouse.


…. with breathtaking views

As you can imagine, the view from the skies of Monaco is nothing short of incredible. These magnificent penthouses are often built with multiple bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling bay windows and terraces large enough for lounge chairs (some even Jacuzzis!).


North, south, east, west - no matter the orientation, privileged residents have access to extraordinary vistas overlooking the beach,  yacht harbor, the Mediterranean Sea or towards Formula 1 circuit, mountains, coastal cliffs, parks and green spaces that make up the beautiful landscape of the French Riviera.


If one thing is certain, the view from your penthouse in Monaco will you and your guests speechless.

Claim your throne

Looking to Monaco to expand your property portfolio is a safe bet. The real estate market in Monaco is buoyant, thanks to its status as a tax haven, ensuring that prices stay stable. But we won’t beat around the bush, a realistic budget to acquire a luxury penthouse with multiple bedrooms in a high-end residential building, with all the modern services - swimming pool, gym, home theater, 24-hour concierge, etc. - should stay in the high 7 to figures.


Owning property in Monaco is very attractive with many advantages exceeding its lenient fiscal policy. An international city, the Principality is as much of a respected business center as it is a culturally-rich, family-friendly living environment. The languages most commonly spoken in Monaco are French, English, and Italian, which are heard through the streets and the halls of its international school. Its highly-regarded safety and security measures are just more reasons so make feel totally at home on the Rock.



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